A long-time business associate of LLOM founder Sheri Kendrick, Nick was asked to help create the corporation in late 2014, and is happy to help the mission in any way he can. As a husband and father of 3 grown boys, he understands how important life moments are and how quickly they are gone. “A family under this stress can’t be expected to think of professional photos of their child, so Little Light just provides them. I was awed at the number families eligible for LLOM’s services just in the Tampa Bay area alone, never mind nationwide. Little Light needs all the help it can get and will still only be able to serve a fraction of the families in need.”

Born in New Jersey before the information age, Nick had a decade long technical theater career around attending Syracuse University for Film/Drama. A desire to start a family precipitated a move towards business. After starting as a technical writer in the emerging information technology industry, he has provided consulting services to some of the of the top technical firms in the country with a storied track record of doing things others said couldn’t be done. His experience implementing customer relationship systems has been helpful as LLOM implements its donor software. An avid gamer, Nick can be found online under the gamertag NickZeik, and provides consulting service through his firm I’m You When You Can’t Be, LLC.

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